Facts about the High Density Plastic we use to make our POS units:
*Can withstand high temperatures (up to 110 deg C for long periods of time),
*It is durable,
*It is globally replacing other types of plastics because it has less damaging properties that other plastics like PVC and Polycarbonates associated with Bisphenol A.


The Sun Plugged POS device meets the needs of African traders while lessoning harmful effects on the natural environment.

Solar panels on our devices make use of renewable energy to provide traders with power, while reducing the use of local energy.


Our vision is to create platforms for micro-enterprises to expand through Africa, creating economically viable POS stations, using practical and simple solutions, while still being environmentally sound and socially and ethically just.

We are working towards poverty eradication in and sustainability in Africa.


How can we make it yours?

We aim to continually expand our product range, therefore striving to create new ideas and product applications in order to ensure a competitive service, this combined with the hands on approach of our sales staff & owner ensure that the client is being offered a unique personal service.