The Sun-plugged unit is a mobile POS device aimed at the unique African
environment and for mobile special events.

The system is built from a standard wheelie bin, a fold away table with a built in
cooling system with continuous power supplied by a battery and solar panels. The
durable High Density plastic components ensures that the POS unit is sturdy and
rigid, with built in wheels that make it light-weight and mobile.

An easy to set up table and large volume storage compartment allows the vendor
to transport their wares and the collapsible table folds out into a ready position in

The POS units come with an added option of a built in sound system, allowing
the vendor to play music wherever he/she goes, bringing a vibey and up-beat
experience to the market place, which is especially distinctive to African culture.
The solid surface also allows for ample branding opportunities.

The POS unit overcomes the two major problems in Africa - power and availability
of goods. By using a light, strong and mobile unit, a vendors’ goods can be
taken to the people and the solar energy provides constant and natural power to
maintain the cooling.

Never before has a POS unit adapted this environmental approach to allow for
vendors to keep their products cool and stop them from melting under the harsh
African sun.

The fact that it is built into a rubbish bin also addresses environmental issues
such as waste - putting a new spin on “throw away” culture.